Organic Netra Halal Certified Natural Kajal Black Pack of 1 Expand

Organic Netra Halal Certified Natural Kajal Black Pack of 1

Organic Netra



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Organic Netra Kajal is made with 58% Certified Organic and all Natural Ingredients
Organic Netra Kajal doesn't contain Lead, Sulphates, Parabens and any form of harmful chemicals
Organic Netra Kajal is India's first Halal Certified automated Kajal Pen. Halal Certificate is the ultimate stamp of Purity, Safety and Superior Quality
Organic Netra Kajal is 100% Vegetarian and doesn't contain Alcohol
Organic Netra Kajal lasts more than 12 Hours. It's Smudge Proof and Waterproof
About Brand:
We all believe that if anything comes from nature it is the best we could get. Out of more than 10,000 chemicals used in our cosmetic industry today, only a few of them are being tested for long term side effects. We do not realize if this is good enough, or, this industry needs to be changed.
We believe that our good Earth provides more than enough natural ingredients for us to keep our eyes and skin beautiful and healthy for a life time. We also believe that eye care make up should provide a rosy experience. We also look for the peace of mind when choosing an eye care beauty product for ourselves and our loved ones.
Our skin is always like the Earth. Just as the climatic changes and environmental pollutions affect the soil, whatever goes on to your skin goes into your blood stream. In fact, your skin absorbs more than 60% of what is put on it. Sometimes more than that in the case of eyes. Here is a great reason to choose toxin free products made with Organic and Natural ingredients.

As per the recent studies, an average lady uses more than 5 personal care products on her body a day, in turn exposing themselves to a cocktail of harmful chemicals. Since the skin has the ability to absorb and the tissues can store them, toxins mounts up in our body. The toxic load in our body at any given time is called Body Burden, and it varies from person to person. This leads to some long term serious diseases. We think it’s a healthier philosophy to educate everyone on what we’re exposed to, so that we can make informed decisions and minimize our body burden.

Shopping for eye care beauty products should be purely a joyful experience. The committed mission of our company is the making of chemical free, toxin free and environment friendly Organic and Natural products. So you can buy our products with the freedom of knowing that everything we make is safe and good for you and your loved ones.

"Choosing the Organic and Natural is not a trend, it’s a way of life...."..


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Organic Netra Halal Certified Natural Kajal Black Pack of 1

Organic Netra Halal Certified Natural Kajal Black Pack of 1