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To revive your achy, tired and germ-free feet, use Inatur Foot spray which helps to absorb excess moisture, removes dead skin, impedes the growth of athlete foot, warts, fungus and helps your feet to remain cool and dry with a deodorizing effect.

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It contains Chamomile Oil- that calms down skin irritation, repairs and regenerates skin cells, Frankincense Oil- that heals and protects the skin, eliminates germs, Lavender Oil- that has anti-fungal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and Peppermint Oil- that helps to alleviates stress and pain.


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Inatur Foot Spray

Inatur Foot Spray



Inatur, we believe that healthy skin is happy skin. Our credo inspires our commitment to honest, ethical and natural skin care to bring out the best in you and for you. From sourcing of ingredients to packaging the final product, all possible measures are undertaken to ensure best quality for our consumers.