Returns and Refunds policy

                                                             (Last updated on 29th September 2019)


Glamego box:

Products in the box are pre-selected by and we will not be able to replace the products in the event if you don’t like them. There is no returns and no refunds available on the Glamego box since these are discovery boxes for you to explore and experience beauty beyond borders. You are always welcome to share your valuable feedback about any product through reviews and ratings and you can also

mail us at:

Damaged product:

In the event of a product being damaged in transit, we will replace it with another piece, provided the issue is communicated to us backed with genuine image as proof and within 24 hours of delivery of the Glamego box. The replacement process would take up to 5 days.

After 24 hours will not be held responsible for compensation or refund.

One cannot cancel the purchase in the event of damage, but the product will be replaced.

Wrong items received:

In case you receive items that are different from the ones you ordered, we will have the incorrect items picked up from your shipping address. We will also ship the right items to you at the earliest.

Cancellations after Shipping: 

Multiple month Subscribers – You can cancel your subscription at any month of your plan. If the box is already in the process of shipping for that month, it shall not be taken into consideration.

The charges of cancellation are Rs.150/- and the plan would reverse back to 399/- per month and it shall be calculated accordingly and refund the difference amount, ex: If you cancel the 3month plan after delivery of 1st box, we shall charge you Rs.399 + Rs.150.

One Month Subscribers – There is no cancellation for one-month subscription.

Kindly note, 2% of payment gateway charges shall be deducted at the time of any refund.



The orders will be delivered in 7 working days from the date of dispatch. 

Orders received on Saturday, Sunday or during Holidays are delivered with a delay of 2 more days. For orders outside TELANGANA, the customer’s state may charge an Octroi & any other taxes imposed by the local government on the top of the price of the item. These charges are beyond our control and cannot be reimbursed.

If a non-delivery or late delivery occurs due to a mistake by the Customer and the ordered comes back to the warehouse, any extra cost spent by for re-delivery shall be claimed from the customer. holds complete right to cancel the order in case of no response from the customer either in person or e-mail or phone. For any courier charges incurred, in the process of trying to deliver the product and it returns to warehouse due to non-availability of customer, shall be claimed from the customer.

International Shipping:

International shipping is not available on our website currently.

Applicable only for  products purchase.

Return of cosmetic products:

Products should not have been tried or used and the packaging should be intact when returned.

A return can be done only if the product received is incorrect or damaged in transit.


Return of Perfumes & Fragrances:

Products should not have been sprayed or used and should have the seal intact.

A return can be done only if the product received is incorrect or damaged in transit.


Refund policy & Shutdown or Changed in Services or subscription plans.

For products ordered through Net Banking, Debit Card or Credit Card, the amount will be transferred back into the bank account from which it was paid within 15 working days from the date of products received by from you. 


         Shutdown or Changes in Services or subscription plans:

         GlamEgo ( can shutdown the subscription service or multiple month subscription plans without

         any kind of intimation or prior notice or information to the subscriber, consumer, vendor, customer and any other service

         provider. Subscriber, consumer, vendor, customer and any other service provider doesn’t hold any legal right with this

         action of  GlamEgo.

         In such case of changes or shutdown GlamEgo shall compensate multiple month subscriber by shipping

         the Products values (MRP Value of product/ Sample product Value proportionately to the Full-size product of same) to the

         amount which equals to the left period amount paid towards the subscription tenure (2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, 10 & 11 months).


         For example: If you are 3 month subscriber/ Customer/ consumer - if 1 month box already delivered, 2 months

         boxes are left to be delivered then GlamEgo shall compensate with the products values to approx. 698/-.1047-394 = 698.

         The same proportionate calculation will be calculated for all the subscription plans.

         “Money Back Guarantee Product”

        GlamEgo don’t manufacture any of the beauty products that you receive. All beauty box items and products are manufactured by their respective Brand Manufacturers. You should read and strictly follow all product labels, packaging inserts, instructions, directions and warnings provided by the manufacturer before using any product. It is your responsibility to review the ingredients as well, to avoid allergic reactions or other side effects personal to you.

        Every skin type and skin is different, in case of no result at all on your skin even after complete usage of “Money Back Guarantee Product” GlamEgo is not liable in any terms to refund payment or replace the product with any other product.Only if:

         the “Money back Guarantee product” complaint raised within 10 days from the date of delivery and with the condition where the product not been used more than 25% of complete quantity (which is 100% proportionate to the ml/mg contains in that particular product.) Example – If the product is 100ml/mg the product quantity at the time of replacement should be more or equal to 75ml/mg.

       the complaint raised after 10days from the date of delivery will not be processed any further.

       In case of refund for the “Money back Guarantee product” ,the shipping charges of 150/- and 50/- towards the paymen gateway or handling charges will be deducted from the total amount and rest will be refunded within 7 working days from the date of complaint raised post acceptance to the refund amount mail sent by GlamEgo to you. In total there will be a deduction of Rs.200/-.