should women shave or not?

Ok, this question brings me to another question “should I shave or not”? It’s totally choice of an individual. I guess I read enough about it to try at least once to see results.

Let’s know proved roots for it.

Japanese women are known for beautiful and flawless skin. They keep their skin flawless with best toners and lotions which enhance their skin texture and of course followed with a healthy diet and lifestyle.… but there is one more secret for their flawless skin.

It’s shaving .. Though all Japanese women don’t do, but most of them follow it as a regime of caring skin.

why should I try:

  • it exfoliates skin in every shave, it’s more like a scrub.
  • it helps to give the smooth finish like a plain canvas to do makeup.
  • It is considered as a good daily regime for skin.


what should i remember:

  • should use new razor every time.
  • might get ingrown hairs if idon’t do shaving in the same direction of hair.
  • might experience razor burn, so i should be ready with toner and lotions after every shave.


biggest myth:

  • your hair will grow back thicker – NO, it doesn’t!