“The happiest girls always have the prettiest nails”

You may wear a beautiful outfit but something always looks missing if you have missed out doing your nails, the first step and the most ignored step to having your nails speak your style is to keep them healthy ..!!!

What should I try:

  •         Keep it dry- always keep your nails clean and dry as prolonged contact with water promotes settling of dirt and bacteria.
  •         Hygiene- always trim your nails when they have grown too long make use of manicure scissors or clippers to cut them     down
  •         Moisturise- use a hand lotion and rub it in the fingernails and cuticles too  
  •         Coat it- use a nail hardener apply a coat to make a protective layer
  •         Healthy nails! - taking biotin supplement has resulted in stronger and healthier nails, consult a doctor and try including it in your regime!

Why should I try:

  •    To avoid brittle and unhealthy nails and to try on all the nail colours and nail art without causing harm to your nails!!!

What should I remember:

  •   If you have this bad habit of biting your nails – STOP! Doing it right now!!!

Biggest myth:

  • The white spots in your nail indicate vitamin deficiency- no it’s just that you had small nail injury which is totally okay!!!