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Winter is a nightmare for those who have to withstand the problem of cracked feet. Cracked feet are a common problem in winter. It is important to take the right measures to let the feet appear smooth and proper. As, showing cracked portions on the feet is really embarrassing. Here are some home remedies to take care of your feet.


   Use lemon juice for your foot care. Lemon has acidic properties that help to remove dead and flaky skin present over the feet.

Directions to use:

  1.    Squeeze a lemon into a half bucket of water.
  2.    Soak your feet in the lemon water for about 10 minutes.
  3.    Use a soft foot brush to scrub the feet after soaking them.


     Use mixture of olive oil and lavender oil. It works like cracked heel cream. And protect heels from cracking.

Directions to use:

  1.    Pour a half cup of olive oil and half cup of lavender oil in a bottle and shake it well until it forms a thick solution.
  2.    Apply it on the feet whenever you feel like dry feet.
  3.    Every time you apply, shake it well.