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Brand- NUSH

Brand include-Designer wear for women

From Model to actor then actor to producer. And now partner and face of the fashion brand. Anushka Sharma is proving that she is more than anything or anyone can imagine. The star surprised her fans all over the world by launching her very own clothing line called “NUSH”, one of her nicknames.She partnered with Suditi Industries Ltd. “NUSH” is the collections of vibrant colours, happy prints, low maintenance casuals and fuss-free style clothing. Through “NUSH” we can discover the style secret of Anushka. As, she has personally taken interest in the styles of Nush, so we can expect a bit of herself in all the outfits. Anushka recently launched her autumn/winter collection of Nush brand. You may shop it from Nush’s official site or Myntra.

Link- http://nush.in/