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Winter has arrived. Even though most of us love winter but our hairs hate it. It gets frizzy, scalp get flaky and more of all, the hair fall. Hair fall could be the regular issue to almost all of us. But in winter days, the hair fall starts to its extreme level. We are here to share some home remedies to tackle these hurdles and made your hair healthier again in this harsh winter.

Give moisture and steam to your hairs:

Add hot oil treatment as a big and important part of your hair care routine not only in winter but for all the season. Hot oil treatments are so moisturizing and pampering in winters for hairs. No matter which oil you chose for your hot oil treatment, make sure it is free of mineral oils otherwise it won’t do any good to your hair. After the hot oil treatment giving a little steam to oiledhair before washing, it will helps in better penetration and absorption of hair oil into scalp and hair. It also helps in better blood circulation which in turn promotes hair growth.

Directions to moisturize hair with oil:

  1.    Take a bowl and add coconut oil and add tea tree essential oil (it helps in treating flaky scalp) to it.
  2.    You may add amla oil, castor oil and oil from 2 vitamin E capsules (if these are available with you).
  3.    Mix them well and heat it using indirect heat method to keep enhances its nutrients.
  4.    Now massage this oil slowly into your scalp by parting smaller sections for 5 to 10 minutes.

Directions to give steam to hair:

  1. Take hot water in a mug/jar.
  2. Dip your towel in hot water and let the towel or napkin soak it.
  3. Now wring the towel to remove excess water and just place it onto your hair and let the steam pass through.
  4. As soon as you feel that the towel has become cold and you stop feeling steam just repeat the steps mentioned above. Do this for 5 to 10 minutes and then shampoo your hair.